C# – LINQ FirstOrDefault Examples

FirstOrDefault is a LINQ functionality to return first element of the collection or default value if requested item does not exist. In case of collection of reference type objects the default is null, whilst in case of value types the default depends on the particular type (e.g. for int it is 0).

FirstOrDefault is overloaded method which can be used with either zero or one parameter. The first option just returns first element and the second one allows to define condition which needs to be met. Continue reading C# – LINQ FirstOrDefault Examples

C# – Custom method of sorting strings

In this article you can find how to create custom method of sorting strings in C#.

For the beginning let’s create an example list of strings, which are compass directions in random order.

Continue reading C# – Custom method of sorting strings

.NET Framework upgrade

How to upgrade .NET Framework?

First of all you need to install desired framework version on both development and client machines. Development machine is an environment where you code and build your project. It requires .NET Framework Developer Pack. Client machine is an environment where your application is used. It requires lighter package .NET Framework Runtime. Both types can be downloaded from Microsoft website.

When system is ready the next step is to change your project to target another framework version. Below you can see two methods how to do it. Continue reading .NET Framework upgrade