C# – How to get unique items from list

The easiest way of getting unique items from list is LINQ’s Distinct() method. In this article you’ll see how to use it with both built-in types (like collection of integers) and custom types (like collection of complex type objects). Get unique values from collection of integers Let’s start with creating example list of items where … Continue reading C# – How to get unique items from list

C# – LINQ Skip Example

Skip is LINQ functionality to filter collection by omitting given number of first elements. Below is an example how to use it. Let’s create a simple collection of strings: var animals = new List<string>() { “dog”, “cat”, “lion”, “duck”, “fish” }; 1 var animals = new List<string>() { “dog”, “cat”, “lion”, “duck”, “fish” }; Now … Continue reading C# – LINQ Skip Example